Are all PR companies the same?

What makes us different to any other PR company? It's a question we get asked a lot.

Well, we’re the only PR company to sponsor the UK’s next attempt on the world land speed record, The Bloodhound SSC.

That’s different !

The Bloodhound car will travel at over 1,000 mph – driven by fighter pilot, Wing Commander Andy Green. He's the current land speed record holder, having broken the sound barrier on the way to a top speed of 763 mph back in 1997.

So why did we get involved?

Because it makes us different. There's nothing else like it.

There are only four land speed vehicles anywhere in the world - two of them are in America and another one is in Australia. Four cars in the world and ours will be the fastest.

There are a lot of marketing things that go with it: good brand values that tie in with ours, it's exciting, it's about being the best, it's about technology, it's stylish, it's once in a generation.

But in these austere times, why invest money in sposorship?

We think it's more important than ever.

We're constantly telling clients: "you need to stand out, raise your profile, and be seen to be there."

As one BBC journalist said to us when he found out we were going to sponsor the Bloodhound SSC: "Putting your money where your mouth is, hey?"

Not the phrasing we'd have used, but basically he's right.

Selling PR to people isn’t always easy.

You know the script: “Yes, we have brilliant writers. Yes, we drive things along, Yes, we come up with innovative story angles. Yes, we know the editors. Yes, we get fantastic press coverage.”

But everybody says that: the good, the bad and the indifferent.

We say it and we also say we’re sponsoring the land speed record.
That makes us different. That makes us stand out.

Does it make us better at PR?

No and yes.

On its own it doesn’t mean we’ll do a better job for you than if we didn’t sponsor Bloodhound.

But it shows you how we can make ourselves stand out from the crowd and get noticed. If you’re noticed, then you have half a chance of being invited to make your sales pitch.


If we can do it for ourselves, maybe we can do it for you.

Be different.

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