Top reads for PR professionals

(in honour of World Book Day)

Every year on 6 March, children up and down the country (or possibly their parents) are traumatised by the challenge of becoming a book character of their choosing. First there is the issue of which came first (the book or the film) and second the issue of whether their chosen outfit is cool enough to stand up to the scrutiny of their friends. (Yes, from the first days of reception, peer pressure is a force to contend with. Get it wrong, and your kids may be put off reading for life.)

So getting the focus back on the point of the day, ie the books, can be a major challenge. That’s why, we at Triangle, thought we should mark World Book Day by remembering what it’s really about. In honour of the occasion, we’ve put together our own list of what we consider to be essential reading for PR professionals.

  1. Anything by Oscar Wilde
    A master class in the art of the soundbytes
  2. Anything by Jane Austen
    For the sheer delight of her language
  3. David McKee’s Mr Benn
    For the ability to walk seamlessly in and out of different [clients’] worlds
  4. Beau Brummel (the biography by Ian Kelly)
    A reminder of the importance of elegance for those in the business of image-making
  5. Beckett’s Waiting for Godot
    A reminder of the dangers of doing nothing
  6. Anything by Dickens
    PR pros will identify with the Victorian work ethic …

But if it’s books for day-to-day PR practice you’re after, try these:

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