Why are our clients successful?

All of our clients' businesses are doing really well. We're not saying that all of our clients always do well. For example, some of our clients (particularly in the building and construction sectors) had a tough time in the early years of the recession (2008 and 2009). As you would expect.

But as we settle down into 2015, the outlook for our clients is bright.

Now I’ve posed the question to our staff: ‘are our clients successful because of us or are we just lucky to be working with successful companies?’

Puzzled looks.

Fair enough, you can sometimes over analyse things and they’ve got more important things to do – like PR.

But I like to throw these things in every now and again.

The way I see it is that, of course, we aren’t the fundamental reason our clients are successful. They have good products and services and they deliver them well.

However, even with good products/services and a good ‘back office’ delivering them, our clients still believe we are an important part of what they do.

Now our clients operate in very different industries and markets from each other, but they share one thing in common (apart from working with us).

That is, generally, they tend to do the right things to be successful.

An obvious statement, but if you analyse it, also very profound and fundamental to their success.

And ours.