PR – What difference does it make?

When we do PR for companies, we don’t so much write about what they do or what they provide, we talk about the difference they can make to their customers.

Because that’s the thing their customers are most interested in.

Take ourselves.

Yes, we do our clients' PR. But, sometimes, to do it well we need to change the way they think about themselves and their company.

We get them to see themselves through other people’s eyes: their customers and prospective customers.

You see, most clients/companies are better than they think they are. We work to bring that out and make it part of their brand identity.

The ‘better them’ is what we portray in the marketplace.

Companies evolve over a period of time. They get bigger and better, bit by bit. But this change can easily pass you by if you’re living with it every day. When you’re working in it, nothing seems to change, nothing seems special.

It’s a bit like growing older. Day-to-day you don’t feel any different and inside you feel the same as you were when you were 25. But look at a photograph taken a few years ago and you can see the difference. And the experience and knowledge you have amassed is just as striking if you stop and think about it.

Sometimes we also have to do a little cosmetic work on a client’s brand and their image, but only so it reflects the true quality of what they’re offering and it’s in tune with what we’re saying.

Some people call it ‘raising the bar’ or ‘taking it to the next level’, not phrases that we particularly like, but what we do certainly delivers a step change to how our clients are perceived in their marketplace.

Most importantly, it makes a difference to their business.