Apple has never tweeted

Apple, you know? The maker of cool computers, iPhones, iPads and, now, big faced digital watches. They’ve never tweeted. Or facebooked. One of the most digitally advanced companies in the world apparently has shunned all things social media. Well that’s not quite true.

They do put their stuff on YouTube (but you can’t comment on it). And there are Apple related social media sites: iTunes, iPhone, ibooks and the App store for example. Even their chief exec, Tim Cook is an active tweeter. But Apple itself does not officially do twitter or facebook. Why not?

Some people say it's because they are arrogant (can’t be bothered to engage with their customers). Some people say it's because they want to be in control of their messages and conversations (although they can’t stop people talking about them or tweeting about them).

The truth is, nobody really knows.

However, I’m sure that Apple have looked into the benefits or otherwise of engaging with social media and have come to the conclusion that it doesn’t add anything to their marketing/PR/customer relations activities or they may even believe it might have a detrimental impact if they did do it.

You can argue that it’s better to have a social media presence than not. Many people do. Obviously, Apple don’t think that way.

It would be easy for a company of Apple’s size to pay lip service to social media, bang out a few tweets and facebook updates to make it look like they were joining in. But still they choose not to.

And, in the face of overwhelming public opinion that ‘you’ve got to be on social media unless you’re a dinosaur’, that’s a pretty individual stance.

But, then, Apple haven’t got where they are by following the crowd.