From Alpha to Omega. What Alphabet means to Google

Google’s announcement of its creation of Alphabet seemed to take the world by surprise. How could a brand and entity as huge as Google wish to be anything other than, well, Google?

It was all the more shocking for the firm’s typically understated approach to breaking the news. No press conferences. No ‘corporate’ website. Just a blogpost from Larry Page on a mainly plain white web page, with a few carelessly strewn letter bricks.

Yet this missive spoke reams about Google’s intentions.

Of course the Google brand isn’t going anywhere. It will be maintained and most likely strengthened as a result of being ringfenced apart from Alphabet’s other riskier ventures.

What is clear, though, is that the Alphabet move signals Google’s intention to be so much more than an online technology giant. It is deadly serious about its moonshot ventures, from self-driving cars to contact lenses that monitor glucose levels.

It is no understatement to say that its technology is pervading many more areas of life than our online existence. From transport to life sciences, infrastructure to robots. Its technology is changing the world.

It’s a powerful reminder that, often, when it comes to communication, less is more.

Rarely have so few words held so much promise. Hence the brilliance of its new url:

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