A day in the life of an Account Executive at Triangle PR

7:15: My alarm goes off and after having a quick scroll through Instagram and Facebook or reading any messages that my early rising friends have sent, I prise myself out of bed.

7:25: Once I’m slightly more awake I attempt to make myself look presentable; I put my face on and get dressed in the clothes that I laid out the night before.

7:50: Next, I make myself a coffee and bowl of porridge for breakfast. I then pack my lunch in my bag and get ready to leave (this usually entails wrapping up in a scarf and gloves to brace the Manchester weather).

8:10 I take a short drive to the metro station and after finding a space and testing my parallel parking skills, I get on the metro, sit in my regular seat and listen to a podcast on the journey.

9:00: After a short walk from the metro station, I arrive at the office and first check and respond to my emails. Usually my emails include responses from the press to articles that I’ve submitted the day before – for some of our clients, we write regular magazine features and regularly speak to contacts that we have in the trade press. When an article has been published, we file the coverage and send it onto our client.

10:00: Once I’ve caught up on my emails, I open up the Triangle social media accounts and respond to any messages and then read through the news headlines and any PR updates that I think will be interesting to send out to our followers.

10:30: I make a start on my jobs for the day. Tasks on my to do lists usually include writing press releases, drafting articles, sending out newsletters, social media updates, interviewing clients, attending events, liaising with the press, writing blogs or collecting information for stories. Certain days of the week are busier than others, depending on press deadlines and events.

We have regular internal meetings to make sure that we are all keeping up to date with our schedules and discuss campaign plans and often meet with clients to prepare activity schedules and hear business updates.

11:30: I have a (very milky) coffee (by this point I’m at least 4 cups behind my colleagues) and usually eat my second banana of the day. If it’s a Thursday and we’ve been organised, I’ll also have a snack that’s been brought in for the weekly office breakfast club.

14:00: I post on our client’s social media accounts and reply to any messages on there. Depending on the specific campaign that we’re working on, our online posting may be more targeted or significant. I try to make sure that we’re getting a good amount of interactions online by monitoring competitor posts and keeping an eye on analytical tools, where possible.

16:30: I continue to work through my to do list and respond to any requests or events that crop up from clients. Most days, I speak to clients to collect information for upcoming press stories and gain approval for any press releases that I’ve drafted.

17:30: After making my to do list for the next day, I head back to the metro station and listen to music or call a friend on the way home.

18:30: I usually go to the gym on my way home (although I have been known to just drive around the car park and decide that’s enough time spent in the vicinity of the gym) and either go out for dinner or dessert with friends or go home to relax (most likely by watching either Coronation Street or Hollyoaks!)

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