It’s not really grim up North

The city of Manchester needs no introduction; birthplace to the industrial revolution and the women’s suffrage movement, the place where Rolls met Royce, Turing built the first computer and Rutherford split the atom.

But Manchester isn’t just a place with a rich history, it’s got a vibrant and promising future ahead too. Former Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, said in 2014 that the government would work towards making Manchester a ‘northern powerhouse,’ to reposition the English economy away from London and the South East. Several large corporations have moved many of their offices to Manchester, including the BBC and Royal Bank of Scotland, joining a host of companies that were already located here.

Despite all of its great qualities, Manchester is often depicted as playing second-fiddle to London both in terms of social scene and business importance. At Triangle PR, we’re proud of our Mancunian roots. Here’s what we think about our wonderful city and why we believe that there’s no better place to live or work.

Chris, said: “I love the buzz about Manchester – the closer you get into the city, the more lively it becomes and you can really feel the vibe picking up! There’s also a wonderful hardness about Mancunians – people have an air of confidence because we know we’re from a great city but at the same time everyone’s down to earth.”

Maha, said: “Manchester is so well connected – there are so many places to go and so many things to see but everything is easily commutable thanks to our network of trains, trams and buses. Also, wherever you live in Manchester, it doesn’t take long to get to the airport.”

Rebecca, said: “I’m really proud of Manchester’s rich culture and history. Some of the best bands, sportspeople and innovators in the UK, if not the world, have come from our city. There’s something for everyone here – we’ve got great museums, shopping centres, bars and restaurants. As a bonus, Manchester is a far more affordable place to live and work than many other major cities.”

Sophie, said: “I love the Mancunian manner – everyone thanks the bus driver, you talk to the person sitting next to you on a long journey and you smile and comment on the weather to people who walk past you in the park (usually a discussion about the recent terrible rain or the shocking recent lack of rain). Also…Coronation Street – need I say more?!”

Josh, said: “Walking through Manchester, you can’t help but notice the impressive industrial architecture of the buildings which are a constant reminder of our connection to the industrial revolution. It’s inspiring to work in a city which has achieved so much and is so proud of its successes.”

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