What shape are you?

I was sent on a training course many years ago - I think it was about leadership or something.

We were all presented with the five shapes above and asked to pick our favourite or the one we identified with the most.

It was actually very revealing and each person's choice pretty much fitted with their personality and their mindset.

Interestingly, you can and do often change your preference at different stages in you life or career (not everyone).

What's yours?

Scroll down to see what they mean.



Triangle: a leader; someone wants to get to the point and/or is interested in the bottom line.

Square or box: someone who likes their jobs self contained with a start and a finish, likes everything to be organised; neat and tidy.

Rectangle: someone who is going through change in their lives, either at work or in their personal lives.

Circle: a coordinator or chairperson; someone who wants everyone to get along with each other and reach a consensus.

Squiggle: a creative person, and also someone is happy to operate is a degree of chaos.


And if you're not happy with the shape you chose and what it says about you, don't blame me, blame the training course I was sent on!

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