PR Pain Points

“I’m fed up with my PR company.” Ever said those words or that’s what you’re thinking right now?

There are a few common pain points that sometimes crop up when starting out with a new PR company. In reality, they are red flags that the agency isn’t right for you.

Rewriting press releases – this should be an absolute no no. Too often clients will complain that they have to rewrite press releases written by their agency. This just should not happen. If you are doing this, change your agency immediately.

They don’t understand our products – so how can they write about them? If you don’t understand a product, it’s impossible to do it justice. It’ll hurt to read their copy and you’ll spend extra time amending it or getting them to redraft it.

They don’t ‘get’ our business – because they have little interest in it. They like your money, but you’re just not glamorous enough for them to want to learn about you.

The pitch team was great, but then they put a junior on my account – this happens a lot, especially with bigger agencies, where your fee level is towards the lower end of their ‘income by client’ listing. Basically, you lack clout. Again, they like your money, but it’s only worth so much effort.

I don’t have time to get them the information they want – you shouldn’t need to. Pointing them in the right direction to someone in your company who has the detailed information they need should be enough to let them get on with it.

I have to push them to get things done – this is actually a very common one. It’s the agency’s job to drive the account. Too often ‘little excuses’ stop them from achieving. "This person wasn’t available", "I need more information", "I’m just waiting for someone to get back to me." Their job is to make it happen, and do what it takes to get the result.

Any proper PR agency should very quickly get up to speed on your products and business and you should never have to spend time rewriting their work.

Your agency is supposed to be there to help you, not make your life harder.

Our job is to take away the pain. If you’re feeling it, let us help.

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