F. Ball and Co. Ltd.

F-Talk sets the agenda

The brief

To create and populate a direct communications channel between F. Ball and its end user flooring contractor customers. Running alongside F. Ball’s established media relations activity, the new channel would enable the company to talk directly to its end users, set its own media agenda, get product and company news to contractors more quickly, and provide a further opportunity for the company to engage with the end users of its products.

What happened

F-Talk was well-received from the first issue. Email alerts are opened by an average of 30% of recipients (industry average is 16%), and a click through rate of 6.5% compares favourably to an industry average of 1.7%. This means that 25% of everybody who reads the teaser email then goes on to read at least one or more stories from that F-Talk issue.

Analysing the most clicked stories and observing the traffic flow thought the magazine enables the editorial team to tweak the content type to reflect the tastes and preferences of the readership, ensuring stories are in tune with what contractors want to read and contributing to a natural evolution of the format.

The magazine has also provided F. Ball with the opportunity to improve its engagement with contractors and its network of wholesalers by offering them a platform within the magazine and featuring a social media review of contractors’ positive experiences with the company’s products.

Read F-Talk here.

Who, what, how

Triangle created F-Ball’s own online e-magazine, ‘F-Talk’, utilising a tailored, ‘issues-based’ web publishing platform, which is issued monthly to contractor recipients on F. Ball’s comprehensive database of contractors. F-Talk features a mix of product news, behind the scenes ‘tech talk’ items explaining how products work, top tips to overcome flooring problems, and interviews with prominent people in the industry. Archived issues can also be accessed via the e-magazine website, and all articles are ‘tagged’ by type, so that readers can access articles by topic as well as by issue.

As each issue is published, contractor recipients are alerted by means of an email teaser, which provides a content outline featuring a short description of the stories within that specific issue, along with a supporting image. Readers are then able to click through to the magazine to read the full stories. Further stories can be read by using menu bars along the top and side of the magazine template.