Making Light Work

What happened

12 months later, our client minding his own business on his company’s exhibition stand.

“How do you do?”

“I’m here for one day. I’ve only come to see you. I need a quote to fit out 500 retail stores across the UK.”

That’s how the client relayed it, followed by:

“Do you think the PR’s working well enough?”

He’s joking, right?


Who, what, how

Us: So you’re the new boys in the market?

Client: Yes, and we’re very good at what we do.

Us: I’m sure you are, tell us more.

LED lighting – saves money, looks better, warm light, cool light, daylight – all at the same time if you want. Pays for itself in a jiffy.

Heard enough, let’s get cracking.

Expert on this, viewpoint on that, case studies galore.

Horizontal media: meet the experts.

Vertical media: meet the experts.

Title after title. Sector after sector.

Jewellery, fashion, lighting, electricals, shopping centres, food… even lingerie (not kidding).