Excel Fibre

‘Read all about it’

The brief

Amplify the voice of the company at key industry exhibition, Ecobuild, to get across the benefits of Excel’s Warmcel recycled newspaper insulation.

The results

The Eco ‘sold out’ well before the exhibition closed. It was a highly visible and popular giveaway at the show, being actively picked up by interested visitors rather than been forced onto them by overenthusiastic promo people.

It is estimated that the benefits of Warmcel were consciously received by up to 40% of the show’s attendees.

What we did

What we did:
With Excel up against much bigger competitors, with larger marketing budgets, and who would invariably be looking to impress through the size of their exhibition stands, we recommended taking the PR messages ‘off stand’ and spreading the word across the exhibition halls.

To achieve this, Triangle produced a ‘red top’ newspaper-style giveaway, The Eco. Crammed with with short and snappy stories, that were designed to catch the eye of passing exhibition visitors, The Eco was printed on newspaper-type paper reflecting the source of Excel’s Warmcel product.

As well as handing out The Eco on and around Excel’s exhibition stand, Triangle set up ‘impromptu’ news stands around the exhibition halls, especially near heavily populated areas such cafes and break out areas.