Excel Fibre

'Read All About It'

What happened

Red tops went down a storm – helped by some guerrilla activity setting up ‘pop-up’ news stands in busy sections of the hall – food outlets, coffee bars…

And the stand…

Looked great.

Who, what, how

Massive industry exhibition, small shell stand – you know the thing?

3m x 3m floor area, three sides of white panel walls and a fascia board with your name on it.

“Can you make us six graphics panels with bullet points about us and our products.

“Also we want six bags of product and tables with literature.”

Too much information. Nobody will read it.

“Well what then?”

What do you do?

“Make insulation from recycled newspaper.” (that’s Warmcel)


Wallpaper the walls of the stand in newspaper.

Company name and main product brands in huge, red 3-D lettering.

Will look great.


Create your own newspaper – red top tabloid style – with stories about your products and what they are doing.

Why red top?

Can have more fun with the headlines. Draw people in. Short. easy-to-read stories. Can’t help yourself but read the whole thing.

‘Warmcel Saves Planet’ ★ ‘Twisted Firestarter Faces Disappointment’ ★ ‘Romanicng the Home’ (story about Mills and Boon books turned into insulation).

Call it ‘The Eco’ (geddit?)

Like it, let’s do it.

Do it we did.